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White Studio Photography saw its first customers back in 1946 in Aurora, IL started by William White. Focusing in portrait photography and also wedding photography William pursued this as his only income, his full time job. First operating the business out of his house, he soon purchased a studio in Aurora, and kept the business running for 27 years. Around 1973 he retired, but from time to time still continued to take passport portraits till the early 1990's.

Dana White, son of William, started his photography career in 1967 while still in high school, helping his father, going to weddings, and taking pictures. Soon after William was diagnosed with MS, he started to have problems going out to weddings to take pictures, so in 1969 Dana started shooting weddings on his own for White Studio Photography.

After the retirement of William, Dana continued to pursue wedding photography, but mainly only for close friends and relatives. Having another full time job, Dana did wedding photography on a word of mouth and referral basis only.

In 1999, Phil White, son of Dana, and grandson of William, interested in wedding photography as well as videography, started offering wedding videography. White Photography & Videography stemmed from this, a father/son team offering both wedding photography and videography. Phil has pursued the White Photography & Videography business, and started little advertisement and created and maintains this website. Phil also obtained a position at the Northern Star Newspaper in DeKalb, IL and now has experience in news and photojournalistic photography. He also has is own personal website (photofill.com) for display of his personal work, and a portfolio of his work from the Northern Star (photographer.whiteography.com).

At White Photography & Videography we realize the stress and expense of weddings today. That is why we offer a different approach. We try to give couples an alternative, and offer services to those couples who don't have multi-thousand dollars to spend on wedding photography and videography. Thanks for your interest in our business, and hope our approach may fit your needs.

Update in 2020: After more than 52 years of wedding photography Dana has retired, but Phil is still offering wedding videography services.

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