Photography Policy

What makes us different from other wedding photographers?

We offer a little different service. We have no picture packages or force you to order pictures you do not want, just choose whether you would like one or two photographers. We are a father and son team, you will meet with one or both of us, not a secretary.

The prices include all high resolution images on CD, with a release so that you may print the photos. We do provide an online photo ordering system for your guests through our website, so you do not have to fill your guests orders if you would rather not. There is no requirement to order any photos online, just an additional service we provide for free.

We offer both photography and videography, and can offer one or two photographers and a videographer. White Photography & Videography is a family owned business and a family of photographers. You can read more about us here. Below you will see more details on what we offer.

One Photographer Digital Photography:

Technology advances every day, same with digital photography. We use high megapixel professional Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras to ensure your pictures look very clear. Digital photography is very close to the quality of film photography, with less expense. Digital photography allows for instant feedback of the picture and exposure to reduce blurry pictures and under or over exposure. The Digital Photography package allows us to take many more pictures, giving you more pictures to choose from when you order your prints after the wedding. The biggest advantage to the Digital package is the amount of pictures we can take is virtually unlimited.


  • Virtually unlimited pictures at no additional cost
  • Instant feedback; we can see if someone blinked or looked away
  • Digital display only available with a digital package
  • Free Online Proof Book

Two Photographer Digital Photography:

This package includes two photographers throughout your day. This adds many more candid photos. You can get two different views on the same event. One photographer can only be in once place at a time, with two photographers you get twice the memories. A great upgrade to this package is the Digital Display, where we will display your ceremony photos at your reception. Great for instant feedback and for those who were not at your ceremony!


  • Two photographers; twice as many memories
  • Virtually unlimited pictures at no additional cost
  • Instant feedback; we can see if someone blinked or looked away
  • Free Online Proof Book

Album Options:

We offer a line of budget freindly albums. Our albums are professionally bound hard cover and come in a few cover and paper options. All photos are printed directly on the bound paper. The albums are available from 20 to 50 pages printed on both sides. Photos are printed from edge to edge, showing no white or black borders.


  • 11 x 8.5 inches (landscape)
  • 8.5 x 11 inches (portrait)
  • 10 x 10 inches

Cover Options

  • Custom Color Hard Cover
  • Suede Black or Blue Hard Cover

The custom color cover comes hard bound with photos from your special day printed on the cover of the book. This is not a slip cover that fits over the book, but printed on the cover.

The suede black or blue cover has an optional gold or silver foil stamping, with a choice of two font styles.

Paper Options

  • 100# Paper (matte photo paper)
  • Linen (textured)
  • Pearl (pearlescent surface)

Number of Photos

The number of photos per page can vary from 1 to 4. We suggest when choosing your photos to base it on how many pages you would like, and choose an average of 3 photos per page. For larger size photos on your pages, you may select 2 pictures per page, or for more photos but smaller size you can choose up to 4 pictures per page. To enhance the look of your book we may also choose additonal photos for background images.

Digital Proofing

When your album is complete, we will send you a PDF proof of the book before printing for your review. Any changes can be done at this time.

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*All day includes an hour before the ceremony till usually the bouquet and garter toss at the reception (Up to 9 hours).