Videography Policy

Why get a video?

The one question you should ask yourself is, "Should my wedding be videotaped?" Our immediate response is, "How can you not?" You plan for weeks, months, even years and it's over in a day. You won't regret seeing your special day in motion, capturing every sound, every detail…your vows, your laughter, your songs. What better way to show your children the day their parents were wed. To have your day captured on video is a great way of showing friends and family your wonderful day.

Traditionally, when a couple decides to get married, one of the first things couples think about is getting a photographer. Now couples have another choice: video. This is a great improvement over just getting photographs taken at your wedding, you can see why Uncle Bob had a grin on his face in the picture, and hear what was said during that picture. We try to catch as many candid events as we can, and give you a great way to remember your day more than any picture could do.

Our video is purely candid, no formal setups. You will have a remembrance of your day as seen though the eyes of a guest. We try our best to be inconspicuous. The best feedback we can receive is that guests didn't see us there.

We suggest--but are not limited to--videoing all of your ceremony and tape candid footage of your reception, capturing the first dance, parents dance, and other special and/or unforgettable memories throughout the day. We use a professional quality 3 chip low lux (low light) camera to minimize lights used for the video. We avoid bright lights to blind you or your guests.

Video Packages

Your wedding video package includes video of the wedding, reception, and any other trips in between ceremony and reception, such as, parks or stopping at the place you became engaged. All footage is edited on site and you get all footage we take. Our DVDs have chapter markings so you can jump to the point you want to see, so no need to fast forward. We include everything we take, that way you will not wonder what happened to most the footage we took. To keep the video entertaining the only thing we record without stopping the camera is your ceremony. Unless requested all other events at your wedding we take video clips of important moments.

The packages we offer differ by only the quantity and form of media you recieve. All the packages include the same video footage, we just offer packages with different media for every budget level. For more details on the packages see video prices page.

DVDs produced by White Photography and Videography will play in most standard DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. Please contact us if you have questions if your DVD player will work or problems with your DVD. Finished DVD projects are limited to 120 minutes. In the rare case that your video is over 120 minutes some footage will be removed from the DVD, however we do offer a 2 DVD set to include all footage from your day. We can let you know on your wedding day if you are getting close to or over 120 minutes.

Your DVD will have custom chapter points that allow you to move quickly around the movie. Your DVD case is customized for your wedding, with pictures from your wedding included on the cover and DVD. An example is above. A few screen shots of what the menu of your DVD will look like are available here.


Full HD VideoOffering Full HD Video

Upgrade your videography to full 1920 x 1080 high resolution video! HD video is distributed on Blu-ray disc and includes all the features of our standard DVD like custom chapter points, full Blu-ray menu and custom case! See video prices for more information...


Video Recap

The Video Recap is a collection of the highlights of your wedding experience. Short video clips of the key moments of the wedding day are presented with transitions and set to beautiful background music (provided by you). This video usually has one song (extra songs are available, see video pricing) around five minutes in length, perfect for those settings in which showing the full-length video will take too long.

The Video Recap will play at the beginning of your wedding video as a quick overview of your whole wedding day. A Video Recap is included in the Ultimate package on all three DVD's, also available as an option for our other packages. This is one of our most requested options.

You can view a few examples of our Video Recap on YouTube:


In your photomontage a sequence of photographs, slides, or even video clips that have been carefully synchronized with your favorite music will be placed on VHS or DVD. Each visual element (i.e., photo or video segment) is seamlessly linked to the next image with high quality transition effects (the most common effect is where one photo appears to dissolve very smoothly into the next). The pictures included in this can be from you and your significant other growing up, or engagement pictures or videos from when you were younger. We can also use your honeymoon pictures if you wish.

All that is needed for this are the pictures for us to use, and the song you want in the background. An average song at 4 minutes in length and the average time a picture is displayed with transitions is around 10 seconds per picture. So a general idea to go by is roughly six pictures per minute of music. This is only an estimate, and we can give more detailed numbers when we do your video. For prices on this photomontage please see the prices page.

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